An Enterprise Cloud-Based Electronic Health Records System
Adebayo A. Abayomi-Alli, Aderonke J. Ikuomola, Ifeoluwa S. Robert, Olusola O. Abayomi-Alli

Electronic Health Record systems (EHR) are increasingly being deployed within healthcare institutions to reduce the problems and limitations of the paper-based approach but its deployment has been slow due to high investment and maintenance cost. Cloud Computing has been widely recognized as the next generation’s computing infrastructure and it offers several advantages to its users. In this study, an Enterprise Electronic Cloud-Based Health Record System (E2CHRS) was designed, implemented and tested for recording, retrieving, archiving and updating of patients and other medical records. The Cloud database acts as the unified data bank for all the collaborating hospitals, the middleware provides a common platform for all the EHR systems between remote hospitals while an authentication server grants access to authorized users and denies unauthorized users access to records or resources on the system. An e-web portal serves as the front end of the system and it links the application with the cloud. Netbean IDE, Java development kit (JAD), WAMP server, Mysql, web browsers and other tools were used in developing the system. E2CHRS was deployed on twenty PC’s and one server to simulate the enterprise network environment using different attack scenarios. The system performance was found to be satisfactory when tested.

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