A Non-Invasive Approach for the Detection and Monitoring of Diabetes in Mexico
Luis Enrique Colmenares-Guillen, Omar Ariosto Niño Prieto, Aldo Enrique Águila Jurado, Samuel Treviño Mora

The approximation of a Real-Time System for Detecting and Monitoring Diabetes is a model and a simulation of a functional system to help detect and monitor Diabetes Mellitus (DM) using non-invasive input devices. First, the public health problem of this disease is discussed and then; the general and particular system architecture is presented along with the methodologies of system design in real time computer such as SA-RT, LACATRE as well as a detailed explanation of the diagrams and system modules, and an analysis of faults is performed using Markov chains, plus an approximation of a proposal of a mathematical model for the prototype of a device for non-invasive monitoring glucose. Furthermore, it is considered necessary, the collaborative work in synergy with multidisciplinary professionals that include: Computer Science, Electronics Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Health Sciences.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jcsit.v2n3-4a3