Perceptions from Students in Puerto Rico about Information Technology Professionals
Diana M. López Robledo, DBA

Women's presence in undergraduate programs has grown. However, women remains been minority in undergraduate programs related to technology in Puerto Rico. Therefore, the main purpose of the research was to identify student's perceptions about information technology professionals and explore some perceptions about females in this career. A questionnaire was designed and completed by 517 students in undergraduate programs in Puerto Rico, including private and public institutions. Results suggest that undergraduate students in Puerto Rico perceive computer and information technology fields as being oriented to computers, but they don't identify it as male oriented. Students ignore the gender gap that exists in the technology field and females expect a lower salary as compared to men. There is no negative perception about female's capabilities related to technology, students perceive that females can be software developers and may have the same employment opportunities as men in the field. It may be important for academic institutions in Puerto Rico to provide female role models in technology so they can engage in providing guidance to young females and also develop different opportunities directed to females in high school, so they can consider to pursue a career in technology.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jcsit.v3n2a3