The Changes in Teaching Methodology due to the ICT Integration
Neus Ferran, Albert SangrĂ , Marc Romero

This article describes a multi-case study embedded design (Yin, 2009) in an interpretative paradigm centered on the methodological changes within the classroom to develop students’ new literacy skills. The study adopted a mixed-methodology design, surveying 252 teachers and interviewing 13 institution directors, ICT coordinators and a head teacher. This included the analysis of official and executive documents. Four Pious Schools of Catalonia were selected based on the level of ICT implementation and the number of educational lines. These different cases form a whole one. The concurrent triangulation of data allowed interpreting each case separately and then inters prettying the data set as a whole. The results revealed that even though the majority of teachers have high confidence in using ICTs and considered ICT investment necessary for schools, the integration and new literacy practices were scarcely implemented. There is a positive expectation but it is necessary that teachers work collaboratively and increase the implementation in the teaching-learning process.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jcsit.v4n1a1