Facial Recognition and Its Applications in Distance Learning Environment
Weidong Liao, Chad Vanorsdale

As cameras have become an integral component in modern computers and mobile devices, and the capability of these cameras in computers and mobile devices are ever increasing, facial recognition is becoming an easily accessible functionality for many computer applications. Another area that has benefited from the fast advancement of technology, including capabilities of computers as well as the speed and bandwidth of the Internet, is distance learning. Online education and training are nowadays an emerging and prosperous area of business. More and more traditional higher educational institutes are offering online classes, joining their pure online counterparts and competitors. In this paper, we first discuss common algorithms and methods used in facial recognition. We then present approaches to integrating facial recognition into Web applications and explore how facial recognition may be employed in distance learning environment to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of distance learning. At last we describe practical methods to integrate facial recognition modules into contemporary learning management systems.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jcsit.v4n2a1