Design, Practice and Research: the Effects of Mobile and Web- Based Learning Systems
Erhan Sur, Yeliz YAZICI

Modern technological developments lead a change not only ın the social and economic lives of the countries but also in the education policies along with the techniques using in the teaching-learning environments. Distance education, which is carried out apart from the school building concept, is the umbrella term for the techniques used in technological methods in education. Mobile learning and web-based learning Technologies are the two of them which is most commonly used and applied in education (Ally, 2009). In this study it was aimed to design, research the effect of mobile and web-based learning systems into practice and compare the success levels of the participants before and after the applications. The results showed that there is a difference between the pre and post scores of the two groups. It is also seen that web-based group has higher scores than mobile learning groups when the final scores were compared.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jcsit.v5n1a4